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Respite Care

We have a range of respite options available to full or part-time carers to enable you the choice and flexibility to take a break while the person you care for enjoys a positive and meaningful experience tailored to their needs. We understand that caring for someone can be physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting, and regular break (‘respite’) can help to relieve the stress and exhaustion. Call us today for more information or referral options.

Home And Daily Life

 We partner with you to understand your needs and to enable you achieve the independence you seek. This could include assistance with daily living, support to live on your own or with others, making meals and entertaining, dressing and personal styling, home administration and domestic assistance. We support you to feel comfortable in your own home, doing the things you want to do and seen the people you love.

Social And Community Participation

Whatever it is you are keen to try, either a new activity, make a new friends or just to get out and about more, we have may options available to you. You can choose to do more of the things you already enjoy or try something new. Exercise, get healthy or play a team sport, join a social group or other community activity. Learn how to use public transport, enjoy a new instrument. Go to the movies. We can support you in whatever you would like to do.

Supported Living

Exclusive Care Services provide innovative and person-centred support enabling people with autism, learning disabilities, and mental health illness and challenging behaviour to live as independent as possible within their homes and in the local community to fulfil their potential.

Health & Wellbeing

Once you contact LIZOR Care Services, we will conduct a free no-obligation in-home assessment. We will meet with you and your family and jointly determine the level of support that is needed.

Lizor Care Services will tailor around your unique and personal circumstances, so whether you are looking for therapy services such as dietary support, speech therapy, communication assistance or re-ablement support or simply have a chat and coffee with our friendly team who will help you to access the right support either directly in your home or in the community

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